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13th Street Kitchens is a huge family of talented food fanatics. Built around four separate locations, the thing that brings them all together is a passion for food, beverage, and hospitality. Established in 2003 by Michael & Jeniphur Pasquarello on a somewhat organic but hard fought journey, the family now spans the city of Philadelphia. In addition to providing unique dining experiences at each of our locations, we are happy to provide the service of thoughtful catering in our house or at yours!

Our locations

In 2003, Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello opened Café Lift, housed in a historic, refurbished factory along 13th Street in Philadelphia’s Callowhill neighborhood. Eleven years later, they are still serving brunch to the crowds, six days a week from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The menu evolves seasonally and all ingredients are sourced from responsible growers, and hyper-locally whenever possible. Café Lift proudly serves quality coffee drinks, expertly prepared with beans by local roasters Rival Bros. The open, post-industrial space also hosts private events during the evening when the chefs of 13th Street Kitchens, its parent restaurant group, collaborate on special menus spanning various cuisines.

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Located in a building that has been a pub since the 1800s, Prohibition Taproom puts good food, good drink and good times above all else. The menu is created daily to highlight locally farmed ingredients and flavors that pair best with the American beers featured on the bar’s 13 taps and one hand-pulled brew made specifically for Prohibition Taproom. Hoppy Lil’ Hudson, an English style IPA, is produced exclusively by local Yards Brewery, and is named after owners Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello’s daughter. Open seven days a week serving lunch and brunch, Prohibition Taproom offers dishes in just about every culinary style and from every cuisine.

Bufad – slang for the Italian l’abuffata, meaning "the feast" – is a BYOB restaurant specializing in Neopolitan wood-fired and Roman al taglio pizzas as well as Southern Italian antipasti, small plates and desserts, just like Nonna would make. Everything is made with the freshest local ingredients. Delivery and take-out are also available for at-home feasting.

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Kensington quarters is a full-service restaurant & bar. We source from the region’s most dedicated farmers & producers to provide our customers the healthiest, best-tasting food possible. Established in 2014.  Our mission is to support local agriculture & sustainable practices by giving small farmers an outlet for the food they grow. Our kitchen uses whole animals, heritage grains, seasonal produce, local dairy and artisanal products.


KQ Burger is a fast-casual off-shoot of Kensington Quarters. Like Kensington Quarters, KQ Burger is committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing practices, considering the whole animal while developing their menu. Guests of KQ Burger may expect a thoughtful selection of interesting burgers, freshly cut fries, and fried chicken sandwiches with seasonal toppings. Located right on Penn’s campus at Franklin’s Table Food Hall, KQ Burger will serve lunch and dinner daily to students, faculty, staff, and neighbors of the University of Pennsylvania in West Philadelphia’s University City. 





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