13th street KITCHENS

13th Street Kitchens is a huge family of talented food fanatics. Built around four separate locations, the thing that brings them all together is a passion for food, beverage, and hospitality. Established in 2003 by Michael & Jeniphur Pasquarello on a somewhat organic but hard fought journey, the family now spans the city of Philadelphia. In addition to providing unique dining experiences at each of our locations, we are happy to provide space for events at each of our locations!

Catering & Events in our spaces

Brunch is our motto by day, but by night the Cafe transforms into the perfect space for events!

Kensington Quarters is intimate enough for a family style dinner of 8 but can welcome groups up to 100. We also have a private garden available for gatherings during warmer months.

Join us for Happy Hour with a large group and we'll provide a lively atmosphere with full service options!